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Getting Started

It's quick and easy 

**Due to cost and scheduling, Gleaners can only deliver barrels and pick them up if you anticipate collecting 500 items or more.**


  1. Let us Know

    Click the link above to access our online material request form. Let us know if you need barrels, banners, or more to help your food drive be the best can be.

  2. Download the Food and Fund Drive Kit

    A good coordinator always has a kit.  Material in our Food and Fund Drive Kit includes information about food drives, running your own successful food & fund drive, theme suggestions and tips, our Gleaners Wish List, and other material to help you promote your event!

  3. Print off a Food Drive Sign

    Let everyone know about it.  And then, when everyone knows about it, make sure you have a sign that lets them know that they are in the right place.  Click the link above to download and print off your food drive sign today.

  4. Mark your Barrels & Boxes

    Nothing is more frustrating than when someone looks at your food drive boxes and doesn't know what they are there for!  Print off your barrel sign to make sure everyone has an easy time donating.

  5. Promote Online!

    Download this online badge to put on your website, make your Facebook or Twitter profile picture, and more.  There is no quicker way to promote your food drive than through social media. Click the link to get more information and helpful tips.