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Speakers Bureau

Create a Ripple Effect in the Community to Benefit the fight against hunger

Speakers Bureau Ambassadors attend events and speaking engagements on behalf of Gleaners to speak about the mission, the hunger issue in the community, the services Gleaners provides, and ways people can get involved to help fight hunger. 


The work of the Speakers Bureau Ambassadors is incredibly important. Gleaners has limited staff time and resources, and our Ambassadors allow us to reach larger audiences, inspiring thousands of people to take vital steps to fight hunger in our 21 counties. We thank you for your interest in this critical program and your willingness to help us in the fight against hunger.

Request a speaker

If you would like to have a trained Gleaners speaker for your next event, contact Steve Benway, our Community Engagement Coordinator:


Want to be an Amplifier?

What’s an Amplifier?

To put it simply, an Amplifier is someone who “amplifies” news, events, and raises general awareness for Gleaners. Amplifiers are outside sources for Gleaners that help to lead the fight against hunger in Indiana by reaching out to peers and friends in any means they see fit. 

What does being an Amplifier entail? ­­­

Being an Amplifier simply entails spreading the word about Gleaners. That’s it! Amplifiers can create and share posts on social media, send emails to friends about upcoming events, or even just call/text someone about getting out and volunteering at Gleaners. Amplifiers can also be guest writers for our blog or give us suggestions for upcoming content. There are no limits to what can be done!

Why should I be an Amplifier?

For starters, by being an Amplifier you can help spread awareness about both Gleaners and hunger in Indiana without ever leaving your home! If you want to get involved with Gleaners, but do not have ample amounts of spare time to volunteer, then being an Amplifier is perfect for you.

Second, Amplifiers earn points for each time they amplify Gleaners. The top Amplifiers each month can win prizes and will be entered into an end of the year sweepstakes to win a larger prize!


Only 1 requirement: you must have an actively used Facebook account. Practically everybody is eligible! 

Click here to fill out the form to become an amplifier!