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Social Media Toolkit

Not much is more powerful than word of mouth, and today word of mouth can mean a Facebook post, a forwarded email, a tweet, an Instagram picture, or even a repin on Pinterest.

If you landed here you most likely follow us on some sort of online level - eNews, Facebook, Twitter, and more. So... THANK YOU. We'd like to help make it easy for you to keep the conversation moving about hunger in Indiana and elsewhere.  You can find tools below to display your passion for the fight against hunger, Gleaners, or simply the betterment of your community.

Let us know if there is anything else you'd like by contacting our Communications Coordinator, Willie Matis, at wmatis@gleaners.org

Facebook Cover Photos
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Sample Tweets
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1 in 6 Hoosiers do not know where their next meal will come from. http://bit.ly/14Gz387 Join the fight against hunger TODAY!

315,000+ people in central Indiana struggle with hunger. http://bit.ly/14Gz387. Fight hunger & RT this today.

No child in the Hoosier state should EVER go to bed hungry http://bit.ly/14Gz387 Spread the word & fight hunger today.

Hoosier hospitality is about working together. http://bit.ly/14Gz387 Together we can solve hunger.

The first step is knowledge. http://bit.ly/14Gz387 Get involved in the fight against hunger today!

Instagram Campaigns (Hashtags)

One picture at a time, @GleanersFBIndy is leading the fight against hunger.  JOIN US! Using hashtags like #hungeraction, #foodbank, #indiana, and others will help to raise your friends' awareness of how serious the hunger issue is in our state.

Pinterest Boards

Pin away to fight against hunger!

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