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Safe Food Practices

Guidelines for every person, every daycanned goods

For Gleaners, nothing is more important than the safety of the items we distribute. We work to ensure that safety by enforcing Food Safety Guidelines for Products.

It doesn’t matter who donated it, and it doesn’t matter who’s handling it—we insist on these standards every day, with every item, for every person who works or volunteers with us.

In addition, we regularly inspect our affiliated agencies to ensure that they’re following the guidelines as well.

Gleaners’ basic safety guidelines:

  • All food items must be in a properly labeled package.
  • Refrigerated items must be stored at no more than 40°F. Frozen foods must be stored at no more than 0°F.
  • Fresh produce must be in the original food grade packaging. However, Gleaners does accept fresh produce from local gardeners.
  • Gleaners does not accept home-canned products.
  • Our facilities are inspected regularly to ensure that temperature control is functioning properly and that fresh, perishable items are monitored for quality.
  • Canned and boxed items received aside from prepackaged case lot product are subject to quality inspections and sanitation measures.