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Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana responds to Hurricane Sandy

Contact:Carrie Fulbright, Director of External Relations, Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, Inc.
        PH: 317-829-1765 EM: cfulbright@gleaners.org


Indianapolis, Ind. (October 31, 2012)… Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana is a part of the Feeding America network which consists of 200 food banks across the country. The Feeding America network works directly with FEMA to determine the needs of the victims of a natural disaster and communicates those needs to the entire network. Our network has already prepared and is helping victims of the storm. 
In 2005, Feeding America formalized its commitment to providing aid during times of disaster, signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Today, as a member of the National Volunteer Organizations Assisting in Disaster (NVOAD), the Feeding America network is often among the first responders called upon to assist with relief and recovery during a national emergency.

Gleaners stands ready to respond to the victims of Sandy and any natural disasters. Gleaners has a dedicated disaster relief vehicle that can be utilized by Feeding America to provide assistance to those affected by natural disasters. This vehicle can be used to transport needed supplies to any area across the country. We have already been contacted by Feeding America to ensure this vehicle is on stand by and ready for deployment.

As with Hurricane Katrina, Gleaners and the entire Feeding America network work with FEMA and Homeland Security to ensure victims needs are met over the long term. For instance, after Hurricane Katrina a Gleaners staff member went with other Feeding America network members from across the country to the affected area to provide relief six weeks after the storm. We stand ready to do the same during this tragedy.

Today we have received word that water, shelf stable meals, hand held snacks, and cleaning supplies are needed. Individuals interested in donating supplies or funds may do so at Gleaners Food Bank located at 3737 Waldemere Avenue or donate online indicating funds are intended for disaster relief atwww.gleaners.org.

About Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, Inc.
On a yearly basis, over 160,000 food-insecure Hoosiers depend on food and other critical grocery products provided by Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana to hunger relief agencies throughout 21 counties in central and southeastern Indiana. Gleaners was founded in 1980 and is a member of Feeding America the nation’s food bank network. Since then, the food bank has distributed over 300 million pounds of food and critical grocery products to over 350 hunger relief agencies serving needy Hoosiers. In addition to food distribution to hunger relief agencies, Gleaners serves our most vulnerable populations, seniors and children, through specialty programs such as the Commodity Supplemental Food (CSFP) Program, BackSacks – Weekend Food for Kids, School-Based Food Pantries, and the Summer Feeding Program. In Gleaners’ 21-county service area, more than 287,000 people live in poverty—and 103,000 of them are children. To learn more, log onto www.gleaners.org.