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Mobile Pantry

Mobile PantryNot everyone can quickly access a food pantry. Many barriers include transportation, mobility, and cost of travel.

The Mobile Pantry Program is designed to tackle this issue of access. It is a food pantry on wheels!

One Mobile Pantry can provide nearly 8,000 pounds of food at a site designated by a sponsoring agency. Clients go through the line, usually manned by volunteers, and select food to take home. Mobile Pantries are effective for the distribution of fresh produce and frozen meat because it eliminates the need for agencies to handle these products multiple times or store it in expensive refrigerators or freezers.


A Mobile Pantry is run in the same manner as a food pantry, and the organization’s focus is on counties that have less of an opportunity to pick up directly from the food bank. The goal of the Mobile Pantry Program is to have the amount of food per person in poverty distributed evenly throughout our 21 county service area.


A single Mobile Pantry provides enough food for 150 to 300 households. Last fiscal year, the Mobile Pantry Program made 252 visits to counties in need.

Sloan Shockley
Mobile Pantry Coordinator
317-925-0191 x165