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School-Based Pantry

School Based Food PantryThere are many barriers keeping hungry Hoosiers from getting the proper food and nutrition they need.  Two of the greatest barriers to food are access and awareness

The School-Based Pantry Program is available to rid students and their families of both.

Many schools find they have available space to house a small pantry in an unused classroom.  Pantries are typically open once or twice per month after school to allow students and their parents more convenient access.  Often run by a school counselor, social worker, or teachers and operated in a way that makes the students feel comfortable, school-based pantries succeed at preserving student’s dignity by offering them choices.


The School-Based Pantry Program is available to all schools in our 21-county service area.  An evaluation of need and geographic location will be done after initial inquiry by the school.  To learn more or ask any questions you may have, contact our Youth Programs Coordinator, Megan Ellis, whose contact information is listed below.


There are now 36 schools participating in the School-Based Pantry Program.  Spanning across 8 of the 21 counties in our service area, the program is expanding and reaches families about 1,800 times per month.

Megan Ellis
Youth Programs Coordinator
317-925-0191 x126