Reid Health Supports Fresh Produce

Max Browning, Grant Development Coordinator for Gleaners, said the Reid Health Community Benefit funds will support provision of fresh produce for 19 mobile pantries in Wayne County. “And also it will support the market style pantries,” Browning said. Joe Smith, Jefferson Township Trustee,… Read More

Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain

*Story from a senior mobile pantry shopper.* [The mobile pantry] does a lot for us. For one my wife and I are on fixed incomes and don’t have a lot of money. I had to retire because of heart condition. Without this food… Read More

Gleaners Sees An Impact As Retail Donations Decline

We are at a crisis point during our busiest time of the year. Marsh store closings have had an impact and retail donations are down across the board. As retail business models become more efficient, there is less excess food for stores to… Read More

Just Like Christmas

*Photo from Gleaners Youth Programs. May not be actual representation of story.* As the site coordinator began her distributions of the bags - one child was so excited when he was given food to take home. Frequently all his family has to eat… Read More