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Homeless not Hopeless

You might recall that just last summer, the Wednesday CARE Mobile location moved to Save-A-Lot, due to an increase in the number of neighbors served. CARE Pantry Program Associate, Brianna, shared a story from a woman she met at Save-A-Lot last week. “During distribution time, a client came up to me and said he needed

The Pulse on Pulses

Gleaners, along with many other food banks and food pantries, distributes large quantities of beans, peas, and lentils throughout the year. These foods, collectively known as pulses, are the dry, edible seeds of plants in the legume family, and they are versatile, affordable, and sustainable sources of nutrition. However, pulses are not always the most

Story of Hope from Wine Women & Shoes

The 550 attendees of our 6th annual Wine Women & Shoes event in May had an opportunity to hear from Sydney Dressler, the site coordinator at the Barney Kroger School-Based Pantry at Daniel Webster Elementary School. Sydney shared a story about a family they were able to help thanks to the pantry. “When I think

Tomorrow’s Harvest: Giving Story

As you plan long-term legacy giving, please consider Gleaners and the impact your gifts could have on generations to come. “Gleaners Food Bank is one of the most efficient, productive and caring organizations in Indiana. We are truly blessed that they serve the community like they do. When I donate to Gleaners, whether it is

Minimizing Food Waste with Direct Agency Pickup

Grocery partners such as Kroger, Walmart, Aldi and others have long been the most generous food donors to food banks. With a 21-county service area, the number of stores with food available is vast. Thanks to a program called Direct Agency Pickup (DAP), food from local grocery stores is able to be collected by approved

Nutrition Nudges – Healthy Pantry Initiatives

What are nudges? A nudge is a subtle environmental change used to influence consumer decisions. Imagine your experience through a supermarket or department store. There are dozens of “nudges” around the store that lead you to buy a product you might have otherwise walked past if you didn’t get “nudged” into that decision. As you

CARE Enters Fifth Year

Innovative partnership enters its 5th year. An anticipated 60-70,000 people will be served at 71 distributions this summer. 170,990 Marion County residents are food insecure. Over 46,000 Marion County children are hungry. In the past three years, more than 170,000 people have received food at a CARE Mobile Pantry distribution. Marion County Sheriff’s Office will

Partners in the fight against senior hunger

Feeding America recently released an updated State of Senior Hunger. Did you know that across the United States 1 in 12 seniors are food insecure? In Indiana, 7.9% of seniors are food insecure, with that number jumping to 9.5% in Indianapolis. Indy is home to the 11th worst food insecurity rate for seniors of 51

Rescuing Nutritious Foods

Written by Sarah Huber, RDN, Nutrition Manager at Gleaners Food Bank Every year, approximately 40 million Americans face the challenge of not having enough nutritious food to live an active, healthy life. At the same time, an average of 197 million pounds of perfectly safe and edible food goes into our landfills every day. In