Ava's Visit To Gleaners

Ava's Visit To Gleaners image
4 year old Ava was inspired by our commercials and by Giving Tuesday to donate her $20 birthday money to Gleaners to help feed hungry kids. She wanted to bring her donation in person, so we offered to have her come in and take a tour of the BackSack area.

Today Ava came to visit Gleaners to see exactly how her donation will help hungry children. She started the morning by handing her donation CEO John Elliott, along with donations from other family members. In addition to her own $20, Ava set a goal to raise $100 for BackSack kids. She's been learning to count to 100 in preschool, so $100 is big! Her parents matched her gift and had Ava reach out to grandparents, aunts and uncles to do the same. Today Ava was able to give $100 to Gleaners.

After meeting with John, we took Ava to the area where the BackSacks are made. She rode back to the BackSack line on the official Gleaners golf cart and looked at the food that goes into every BackSack. When we asked her what looked best out of the BackSack items, she mentioned the pudding. When we told Ava that her donation would provide a BackSack for 20 kids she was thrilled!

Ava took a sample BackSack to preschool with her later that morning to show the teachers and children what goes into every BackSack and how she helped. Hopefully, her generous heart will inspire others.

Thank you to Ava and her family.