Bulldog Blessings is a blessing, indeed

Bulldog Blessings is a blessing, indeed image
On a recent visit to Monrovia High School, we caught up with volunteers of the school's Bulldog Blessings food pantry. Our Youth Programs Manager, Sharvonne Williams, grabbed a photo of this dynamic group who was ready to serve!

Bulldog Blessings pantry opened in 2017, thanks to a generous impact grant from the Community Foundation of Morgan County and the support of the Morgan Stanley Foundation and Feeding America. The pantry continues to operate with support from the Community Foundation of Morgan County, now in its second full school year.

We gave an update at the end of their first full year, sharing the difference this pantry makes and the joy it brings into the lives of students and families. We are continually moved by the impact this pantry has within the community it serves. During the 2018 holiday season, the school made sure families had what they needed and more. They created Thanksgiving bags for families and provided gifts at Christmas to help ensure those visiting the pantry could meet other needs that can occur during the winter months.

"The pantry has been able to help not only students and their families, but staff who have fallen onto hard times. We have staff who have lost significant others and staff going through divorce that are struggling financially. Our pantry has been able to relieve some burden for them."

Even those who may not need to turn to the pantry, but are there to support friends who have fallen on hard times, can see what a great asset this pantry is to the school and those it serves.

"I had the occasion to take a friend to the pantry this morning. Not sure what I expected, but I was totally impressed. It was organized, professional, and offered quite a bit more for my friend than I ever imagined. Bulldog Blessings is a blessing, indeed!"