Gleaners and IMPD Test Expansion of CARE Program with CARE Bags Pilot

When the Community Action Relief Effort (CARE) Mobile Pantry Program began in 2015, the goal was simple: to serve neighbors at greatest risk of experiencing poverty, hunger, crime, illness, and isolation – by bringing what they need most right to their own neighborhood.

JPMorgan Chase is one of many corporate and individual donors who have provided generous financial sponsorship to CARE Mobile Pantries. JPMorgan Chase volunteers also help on-site at Christ Our King Church and the Kroger on West Michigan Street. CARE Mobile Pantries are a great way for employees to connect with one another and provide opportunities to give back to the community.

Gleaners Food Bank and Indianapolis first responders began by making summertime food deliveries. The effort met with tremendous success. Since then, it has grown into a vibrant network of volunteers, businesses, donors like you, and public welfare agencies partnering to improve the lives of thousands of people year-round.

In 2016, nearly 45,000 people – including 18,000+ infants and children and nearly 3,000 senior citizens – visited a CARE Mobile Pantry for food.


The CARE program recently expanded to help Indianapolis police meet desperate needs they encounter day-in-and-day-out. As part of a new pilot program, some cruisers will be equipped with sacks of nutritious groceries which officers can distribute directly to individuals and families they are called upon to serve in their homes or on the streets. “Our partnership with Gleaners enables law enforcement to address underlying insecurities that often lead to crime and social disorder,” said Indy Police Chief Bryan Roach. “By supporting efforts that meet the core needs of our community together, we are addressing the root causes of crime.”

And thanks to help from so many, our needy neighbors visiting the site can often:
  • learn about health matters and get medical referrals
  • find insurance information and legal help
  • use a lending library
  • apply for public assistance
  • register to vote
  • speak to officers about neighborhood concerns
  • turn in expired medications
  • obtain a college application
  • and find out about area job openings!

“We know that people who live with hunger daily usually face many more life challenges,” says Gleaners President John Elliott. “You often find joblessness, lack of education, health or nutrition issues, higher crime and isolation. Bringing CARE to these neighborhoods has delivered not just food, but also help and hope. More and more services are being added all the time. So our generous donors are doing much more than filling empty stomachs. They’re building stronger, safer communities.”