We met Carol last month in Hancock County at the Greenfield Senior Mobile Pantry as part of the Anthem Senior Hunger Initiative Program. After speaking more with Carol, we learned she would turn 103 in February.

Our CEO, John Elliott, arranged to have a cake made and our team took it to the senior distribution earlier this month!

We waited and waited for Carol to show and fortunately we were able to send volunteers over to her house to pick her up. She didn’t have a ride that day, as her caregiver was not present. When she came in the building we all clapped and sang happy birthday to her!

"I don't eat sweets," she said, but she had a piece of cake and sat at the table so folks could come and wish her happy birthday. Carol was so very touched and could not wait to call her son and tell him what her friends at Gleaners and the mobile pantry did for her!