Cooking Matters Graduation

The Share Our Strength Cooking Matters program for adults course in partnership with Indy Hunger Network, took place once a week from July 11th - August 15th.

In Cooking Matters for Adults, students:
  • Prepared delicious, new recipes in a fun setting.
  • Learned how to get their families excited about healthy eating.
  • Learned tricks to buy healthy food on a budget.
  • Took home free groceries after each lesson, in addition to gift cards and a course completion gift.
  • Received a guide with 60+ delicious, low cost, family-friendly recipes.

Eight students graduated from this free course. The gradation rate for Gleaners participants was 73%, above our sites typical average between a 60-70% graduation rate.

Read some of our student testimonials below:
"It is a great reminder of looking out for nutritional content and pricing. As a diabetic, it helps me remember to watch my carb content."

"It has made me more adventurous with recipe altering and adding healthy veggies to each meat. [I] have completely switched to whole wheat flour and whole grain pasta, switching out turkey for hamburger in over half of our home meals."

"This course was fantastic! The instructors were friendly and knowledgeable. They made class engaging. I never felt silly for not knowing information or nutritional information and I loved getting groceries to make each recipe at home. It has also changed how I shop for ingredients when I go shopping."

"We enjoyed this class so much. [It had] so many benefits besides education. The class was socially beneficial and something to look forward to."