Local Business Shares Summer Intern with Gleaners

Local Business Shares Summer Intern with Gleaners image
Visitors to our CARE Mobile Pantry distributions this summer have seen a new face with Gleaners. Emanual is spending each Wednesday with Gleaners as an intern for our CARE and SNAP Outreach programs.

Emanual is a pre-law student at Carleton College. He secured a summer internship with S.K. Huffer and Associates, the law firm of long-time Gleaners supporter, Steve Huffer. Steve wanted to give Emanual an opportunity to give back to the community while he was in Indianapolis, and it has been a perfect match.

“When I think about food insecurity, of course everyone has stereotypes, but then you see that anyone can need help,” said Emanual. “Someone who is making a good income can find themselves in need of help. I want people to know that food insecurity can affect anyone regardless of race, age or gender.”

One man he assisted with SNAP registration opened his eyes to how quickly circumstances can lead a person to a food pantry. “He told me that he was doing really well, and life was going great. One day, his heart just gave out, and he had to get surgery for a pacemaker. He used to work with magnets, so he can no longer do that. His savings went to pay for surgery and other healthcare costs.”

Emanual said that he tries to make a personal connection with the people we serve, and that has been a blessing for him as well as the clients. “I told the man with the pacemaker that my father also has one. We talked and it seemed to lift a weight off his shoulders,” he said. In another instance, he told a woman at the CARE Mobile that his mother spells her name the same way. “She started talking with me and wanted to give me some motherly advice.”

He says this experience has allowed him to understand and feel, and to put himself in someone else’s shoes. “Being able to speak to people as human beings – that is something I will take back with me,” he said.