Filling Empty Cabinets

*Display of a Gleaners School-Based Pantry, may not be actual representation from story.*

"As I spread the word throughout the staff about our food pantry, numerous teachers approached me because they've found out that a student has no food in their cabinets at home. We had one student who purposely went to sleep as soon as she got home to avoid an empty stomach in the evening. Because of the food pantry, she now knows that she can have an actual dinner." – Emmerich Manual High School, Marion Co.

53 schools have their very own pantries. The pantry is offered to families at NO cost to the students or the school. School-based pantries offer a unique opportunity for Gleaners to directly reach children and families in need with fresh, healthy food at convenient and safe locations. Often run by a school counselor, social worker, or teachers and operated in a way that makes the students feel comfortable, school-based pantries succeed at preserving student’s dignity by offering them choices.

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