Gleaners Hosts First School Based Pantry Conference

Gleaners Hosts First School Based Pantry Conference image
The Youth Programs Team at Gleaners Food Bank hosted our first School-Based Pantry Conference on Monday, November 14th from 8-11:30am. The conference was a great opportunity to learn best practices, tour Gleaners facilities, and hear from guest speakers. This conference allowed for new connections and time to discuss all of the wonderful things our School-Based Pantry program can offer. Our School-Based pantries are all unique and special. Together they help us continue to feed hungry Hoosier kids until every bowl is filled. Together we will accomplish great things! 


The day started with a tour of our facility. Attendees then went on to a presentation with Gleaner's Director of Marketing and Digital Fundraising, Sarah Estell, who discussed story telling and how to write compelling stories. Conference attendees explored the many ways they connect with clients to share their stores, while remaining confidential and respectful. Representatives from pantries around our 21 counties broke out into discussion groups to talk about main topics most directly affecting their pantry including: community engagement, teen engagement, life skills training, and cultural awareness. During Q&A time it was exciting to hear so many professionals within our School-Based pantries discuss their kids wanting to come in to volunteer and give back.

Following a brief lunch break, Executive Coach, Skye Berger spoke on how to find time for personal and professional renewal to encourage teamwork and bring life to office and program culture.

There was also a food safety training following the conference to discuss compliance within pantries.