Food Demo with Anna

Would you like to try some lentil tacos? Gleaners Director of Community Collaborations, Mary Dubinin, Nutrition Manager, Sarah Huber, RDN, and Purdue University Dietetic Intern, Anna Kitchen, performed a food demonstration at City Market downtown Indianapolis in late August. The food demonstration provided samples of lentil tacos and allowed market goers to gain knowledge about Gleaners Food Bank, a partner of The Top 10 Coalition. Every other Wednesday during the summer months, a different partner of The Top 10 Coalition presented a demonstration at City Market to raise awareness of the organization’s mission to promote and transform health in Indiana.

Lentil tacos were a great menu item to sample as lentils seem to be an underutilized food for citizens of Indiana. Lentils are packed full of fiber, often lacking in the diet of Americans, and protein. Not only are they nutritious, but also quick and easy to prepare in a variety of dishes. Tacos are a great way to utilize lentils as they take the place of the most common protein used, meat. Providing a plant source as the protein adds variety and different health benefits to the diet, including fiber, which is not found in meat products. Many were surprised the recipe did not contain meat as it mimics the taste.

During the demonstration, many individuals were timid at first to try the recipe. However, once they tried it, they wanted to take a recipe home and make the tacos for their own family. Many had never tried or heard of lentils before, so it was a great opportunity to introduce a new ingredient to the public. Do you want to try lentil tacos for yourself? Get the recipe here.