Fresh Ingredients

*Photo of another Gleaners mobile pantry distribution, not from story. 

“It helps to have Amy and the children here with me.” When Amy’s grandmother first broke her arm, Amy was making trips back and forth about 3 days a week. She recently broke her leg and has been down with that ever since, and now with the pressure on the other leg is difficult for her. “I have two walkers but am lucky to make it from the bedroom to the kitchen but use a wheelchair when I go out,” she said.

Amy and her family moved to Greensburg to help care for her grandmother who turned 86 last November. After caring for her grandmother and her kids, Amy doesn’t have much extra time to work. Their family of six sometimes finds it hard to make ends meet, but the Greensburg mobile pantry helps. “When you’re at the grocery store sometimes you get someone who is rude or not very nice, you don’t get that here.”

Amy’s grandmother said, “It [the mobile pantry] means an awful lot because there is six in the house. My granddaughter and her family moved in to take care of me. There’s six of us and only one worker; her husband works. They have the extra stuff we can get here that helps us. She can make a meal out of just about anything.”

When Amy’s family visits the Greensburg mobile pantry, they appreciate the items they can make meals around: lettuce, meat, and potatoes. Amy tries to use a lot of fresh ingredients, when she goes to the grocery she buys lettuce, and she now has a garden that is starting to grow.