Food Bank of the Future Spotlight: Nourish

Food Bank of the Future Spotlight: Nourish image
Our clients deserve the same healthy food options available to all families. It’s a matter of dignity, respect and opportunity. As we focus on Nourish, we’ve set a high bar for not just the quantity of food we provide, but for the nutritional value of that food.

In 2019, we’ve exceeded our goal for distribution of fresh fruits and vegetables, both in our 21-county service area and regionally, through the Regional Produce Co-op. Over 15 million pounds of healthy, nutritious produce was distributed to those in need.

But we aren’t stopping there. We’re focused on the nutritional value of all our programs, piloting a program called Supporting Wellness at Pantries (SWAP) in our Community Cupboards in Indianapolis and Noblesville. This “stoplight” nutrition ranking system will help clients identify food options that meet the needs of their families. Foods are ranked based on the amount of saturated fat, sodium and sugars, which are the 3 most dangerous nutrients for chronic diseases.

A green light means choose often. Yellow means choose occasionally. Red items should be considered treats and chosen rarely. Our Nutrition Manager and Pantry Manager are overseeing the implementation of the program, including signage for shelves and pallets.

As always, recipes, meal prep ideas and other nutrition information are provided to clients.