Friday Aug. 17: The Mobile Pantry at Carmel United Methodist will be held indoors. Brownstown Senior Mobile is cancelled.

Food Drive Registration

Thank you for your interest in hosting a food drive for Gleaners! Please complete this registration form. If you have questions or need additional guidelines, please contact Kayla Sinders.

Click here for a list of our most needed items.

Register Your Food Drive

  • Company/Organization

  • *Pick up and drop off dates are requested but may depend upon driver availability. Please note that, due to the costs of operating our trucks, it is difficult for us to arrange a delivery of food collection barrels, or a pick-up of donated food. We request that donations less than 300 food items be collected in self-provided containers, such as boxes, and delivered to our facility, whenever possible, as this will save us the expenses of operating our trucks, allowing us to use that money to feed more hungry people.
  • Materials Request

    Select if you would like a representative to attend your event for a check presentation of $1,000 or more or, other type of recognition. Gleaners will do its best to honor your request but our representative's availability is not guaranteed.
    Select if you would like a Speaker's Bureau Representative to attend your event. We ask that you have a group of 25 or more and allow a minimum of 10 minutes for our speaker to share Gleaner's mission. We will do our best to fulfill your request based on the availability of our Speaker's Bureau members.
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