Giving Back What We Can

Giving Back What We Can image
Jeff has been a volunteer with IPS 46 Daniel Webster Elementary for over five years, along with his wife, Tonya. His daughter goes to school there and he has been thrilled to support the school and the Barney Kroger Pantry. Jeff is also a client, relying on the pantry for some of his family’s food needs. “If someone’s helping me out, I’m going to help someone else out,” Jeff states proudly. “I donate when I’m able, and I sometimes help out a couple of older neighbors that can’t get out themselves.” Jeff and his wife also volunteer with Billie’s Food Pantry, a Gleaners partner a few blocks away. “I know all the folks coming through here. It’s all about respect. I treat them with respect and they treat me with respect.”

Jeff stated that the Barney Kroger Pantry has had a big impact on his family. He is really enjoying the new space in the Aquatic Center attached to the school. The increased space is dedicated to pantry use and allows the pantry to be open to the public, as well as students and their families!