When Disaster Strikes

Brianna Henderson, a SNAP Outreach Specialist at Gleaners, shared a story from SNAP Outreach at a recent Hendricks County Mobile Pantry in Danville.

“A man came up to me at the Danville Mobile Pantry to apply for SNAP benefits. He wasn’t sure what county he lives in and explained that this is because he just moved to Indiana from Florida. Unfortunately, he was forced to move here to stay with family after his home was destroyed by Hurricane Michael. He told me that he lost everything in the hurricane, but he was positive he would get back on his feet. He said, ‘I’m glad you were here to help me apply right when I need it. It helps a lot to come here to get food until I can be more stable here.’

These devastating hurricanes can feel so far away until you’re face to face with someone who has been impacted by them.

Our efforts here at Gleaners reach even further than we realize.”

Gleaners assisted 1,456 clients with SNAP applications last year, resulting in 936,669 meals for eligible families in need.