Join in the Fun for National Nutrition Month®!

Join in the Fun for National Nutrition Month®! image
Written by: Gleaners' Nutrition Manager, Sarah Huber, RDN

Every year, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics declares March as National Nutrition Month® to spread the word about the importance and benefits of a healthy eating style.  Join in the fun of celebrating nutrition this month with some of these ideas that will get kids and adults alike involved!

  • Commit to trying at least one new fruit or vegetable each week this month. Bonus points if you try a fruit or vegetable from every color of the rainbow for maximum nutrition benefits!
  • Start a vegetable garden by planting seeds indoors and transferring the sprouts outside when the weather is warm enough. If you have children, discover together which part of a plant that different fruits and vegetables come from (carrots = roots, celery = stems, spinach = leaves, strawberries = flowers, etc).
  • Sign up to volunteer at the food pantry or food bank to help make sure your hungry neighbors have plenty of nutritious foods to eat.
  • Visit a local farm or farmers market to learn more about how food is sustainably produced and to try tasty foods grown in your own community!
  • Practice reading Nutrition Facts labels on different products at the grocery store. Go on a scavenger hunt to find foods that are low in saturated fat, sodium, and added sugar and high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals. As a reference, a daily value (DV) of 5% or less is considered low and 20% or more is considered high.
  • With your family or a group of friends, try your hand at planning, preparing, and eating a nutritious meal together that incorporates all 5 food groups of MyPlate. Need a fresh recipe idea? Try these Easy Rainbow Tacos that include lean protein, colorful veggies, grains, and dairy! Serve with a side of fresh or canned fruit to make it a complete meal!