Operational Efficiency Leads to Lower Per Meal Cost

Operational Efficiency Leads to Lower Per Meal Cost image
We are excited to announce we now have a lower per meal cost. As part of our stewardship of your gifts, we are always mindful of opportunities for improvement. Operational efficiencies, innovative food sourcing, and most importantly, the launch of the Regional Produce Processing Center in May 2017, have resulted in more meals being distributed at a significantly lower cost.

In 2016, before the launch of Produce Hope, Gleaners distributed 20,845,303 meals. In 2017, that number increased to 24,336,000 within just 5 months of operation of the Mixing Center. More than 28 million meals were distributed last fiscal year thanks to your support.

But that’s not all! Due to the volume being distributed, and the greatly increasing amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables, our per meal cost dropped to $0.24. This means that your dollar now provides up to 4 meals to hungry Hoosiers in need.