#MondayMotivation: When Offices Shutdown… to volunteer!

Despite this day and age where efficiency, timeliness, and agility are treasured in the business world, the corporate volunteer groups who grace our warehouse never cease to amaze me. Taking time out of work to make an impact on the community in which their businesses thrive is fantastic to see.

We love bringing you stories that help motivate #TeamFightHunger, and this may be less of a story but more of a motivating act.

TinderBox, the leader in sales proposal technology, used Tax Day as a day to let every employee off work. The energy at 3737 Waldemere Ave skyrocketed with their presence.


The hours that could be spent in other ways but are spent helping fight hunger and impacting the lives of so many in need are invaluable.

So… THANK YOU! Thank you TinderBox for showing us that not only can you shut down an entire work day to help others, but you can do it in such a joyous manner! We are lucky to have you as a part of #TeamFightHunger.

Thank You