Monrovia Pantry Brings Joy To Local Families

It has been a little over a year since the Bulldog Blessings Pantry opened at Monrovia High School, thanks to a generous Impact Grant from the Community Foundation of Morgan County and the support of the Morgan Stanley Foundation and Feeding America. Those who have helped make this pantry possible are truly making a difference.

We caught up a couple of families, as well as one staff member who have seen the difference this pantry is making for families, students, and the local community.

"The pantry means quite a bit to us. My husband has been in and out of jobs and he’s been taking pay cuts. With my oldest son being a senior and my youngest son being a fourth grader and with soccer, we have a lot of expenses other than food. Since my husband took his pay cut, we can’t afford too much. They’ve given us food to put in their bellies when they get up in the morning and whenever they get home from school."

"I fell and broke my knee and have been off of work and this place has been a blessing. The people that I worked with at the truck stop told me they had been coming here so that’s when I started coming here and it's been such a lifesaver. I really appreciate it. I’ve told a few people about it, so they’ve been coming here too. It’s been good for them because they have a lot of kids and the father is not around. I hope that maybe one day I can help give back."

"There is so much excitement and so much joy, and usually a hug. And I can see that this program is important because they would not be reacting that way if it was not something that not only did they need, but that was a treat and special. That is what this is all about. It is all about making sure students feel that love. I think that all of the people involved, all of the people that are backing us, partnering with us, are all giving that to our families, our students and our community and we are letting them know that we care and that they are valued. We want to thank you for joining us because it is making a huge difference for us here at Monrovia."