Nancy's Family: Sharing A Story

Nancy's Family: Sharing A Story image

*Family photo from a Gleaners Mobile Pantry distribution, not from story.

Nancy’s family recently moved to Indiana to help care for her sick mother. When they arrived, Nancy’s husband found out that the job he secured had less than half the hours he was promised.

“To be honest, I didn’t quite know what to do. I couldn’t get a job because I was taking care of my mother. Austin was in school and getting breakfast and lunch there, but that didn’t help at supper, and it didn’t feed my mother or me during the day.”

Austin came home from school one day with a flyer about a Gleaners School-Based Pantry that was open to families in his school district. He also brought home a note from his teacher saying that he could get a BackSack from Gleaners starting the next Friday.

“This pantry may have literally saved our lives,” said Nancy. Thanks to that flyer, she learned of other resources available to her family, including Gleaners mobile pantries that visit Hamilton County a few times each month.

“We’re going to be ok,” she said. “It just takes a while to get on your feet.”