New School Pantry Opens in Monrovia

New School Pantry Opens in Monrovia image
Thanks to a generous Impact Grant from the Community Foundation of Morgan County and the support of the Morgan Stanley Foundation and Feeding America, a new school based pantry is now serving residents in Monrovia.

The Monrovia pantry is a wonderful example of the synergy that can develop when communities and agencies partner on behalf of those in need. The Monrovia community has continually embraced the concept of this pantry. The community came together by gathering food, toys and other items needed by the families served here.

At Gleaners, we like the school-based pantry concept, because it feeds not only the child, but the whole family. The most successful models are those, like Monrovia, where the entire community comes together to embrace the concept and lift up their friends and neighbors who may need a hand up, not a hand out.

To find out how you can support a school-based pantry in your community, visit gleaners.org/donate and earmark your gift to youth programs in your region.