Homeless not Hopeless

Homeless not Hopeless image
You might recall that just last summer, the Wednesday CARE Mobile location moved to Save-A-Lot, due to an increase in the number of neighbors served. CARE Pantry Program Associate, Brianna, shared a story from a woman she met at Save-A-Lot last week.

"During distribution time, a client came up to me and said he needed help. He mentioned there was a woman in her car that needed food, and he brought me over to where she was parked. When I walked up to the car, the woman was sobbing. She said that she was living in her car, and she had no food whatsoever. I asked her what items she would be able to take, and she said anything in a can that she would not have to cook since she does not have access to a kitchen. Due to her emotional state, I offered to walk through the food line and shop for her after she registered.

As I shopped for her food, I paid careful attention to what she would be able to use. Cereal, canned green beans, applesauce, and Clif bars were some of the items I was able to bring to her car. I asked her if she would be able to use frozen turkey lunchmeat without access to a refrigerator. She said she could use a package because once it thaws, that could be her meal for dinner that night.

She continually thanked us, and thanked the kind folks who came to tell me that she needed help. She continued crying, but at this point they were tears of gratitude for the food she received that day." You are making a difference in the lives of our Hoosier neighbors. This woman's story is from just one of many Hoosiers who you are helping in our community. Thank you.

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