Eat Your Greens!

Eat Your Greens! image
After a long wait through the cold, bitter winter, spring has finally arrived! Here in Indiana, it’s the perfect time to enjoy longer days, warmer temperatures, and everything GREEN! Many different green vegetables enter their peak season in April, May, and June, so now is the time to find them at their best quality and lowest prices. Green vegetables like asparagus, green peas, cabbage, green onions, kale, lettuce, and spinach are packed with lots of nutrition benefits, including:
  • Vitamin A for healthy eyes and fighting off infections 
  • Vitamin C for healthy body tissues and fighting off infections 
  • Vitamin K for healthy blood and bones 
  • Fiber for a healthy gut and heart 
However, many Americans (kids and adults alike) don’t eat enough green vegetables because they don’t like the taste or texture. Luckily, there are lots of ways to enjoy greens besides just boiling or steaming them! Try some of the tasty and creative ideas below:
  • Add a handful of spinach or kale to your scrambled eggs or fruit smoothie at breakfast 
  • Make your own salad bar – allow kids to choose the toppings they put on a bed of fresh leafy greens 
  • Sneak shredded greens to pasta sauce, soups, and casseroles 
  • Briefly cook green peas and chopped asparagus with oil, garlic, salt, and pepper in a skillet. Toss with cooked pasta and shredded Parmesan cheese for a quick and easy pasta primavera dish. 
Or try this recipe that uses several produce items featured in our produce co-operative this month: green cabbage, carrots, and onions (plus other yummy green toppings like cilantro and lime juice)! It’s a fresh and healthy twist on a classic coleslaw recipe that just might become a new crowd favorite at your next spring gathering!

Green Recipe