Pat and Jim

*Clients names are real. At their request, we have used a stock photo.

Pat and Jim worked all their lives, but never earned enough to save. Now, Jim suffers from dementia, and Pat’s health is a worry as well.

“We’ve found ourselves unable to make ends meet some months,” says Pat. She reports skipping meals, cutting medication in half and choosing cheaper, less healthy options in order to survive on their fixed income.

Once a month, they visit the Gleaners Senior Mobile Pantry in Greenfield. “I’ve found a lot more healthy fruits and vegetables so we don’t have to eat as much of the boxed foods like we used to,” Pat said. “I feel like my health has improved. I know I feel better!”

Pat is looking forward to her annual checkup and believes her glucose level will have improved. “I feel like we have gotten better food and I’m cooking real meals and not just opening whatever box is in the cabinet. Between this mobile pantry and another trip later this month, we will have what we need to get by.”