Produce Patch 2017 Numbers


Gleaners began what we call our Premium Produce Patch (Triple P for short) program in 2017 in an effort to provide fresh produce to our partner agencies and local food pantries. Many of our partner agencies are unable to utilize a full pallet of one type of produce, so we designed Triple P to tackle that issue so that our agencies can provide their clients with fresh produce.

Agencies are invited each Friday to drive through Gleaners' chute, a large drive through tunnel connecting our warehouse and offices, to pick up free produce. Agencies are allowed to take whatever they want or need. For example, some of our agencies just swing by to a grab a few 3 pound bags of onions and a few cases of apples, while some of larger our agencies bring a box truck and will take a full pallet of each available variety.

In its first 6 months, the Triple P program has allowed Gleaners to distribute 192,336 pounds of produce and has allowed agencies to distribute a variety of fresh produce to their clients.

Since Triple P was performing so well, our Agency Relations team took it a step further and started operating a program called the Portable Premium Produce Patch (Quadruple P for short). This program allowed our agencies in out-lying counties to come to a set location and pick up produce. We would load up a box truck and take it to the set location where agencies could meet us and take whatever they need. Due to cold weather, Quadruple P operates once per month during the summer. Last summer we distributed 69,456 pounds to these areas.

In 2017 our Produce Patch programs helped us distribute a grand total of 261,792 pounds! We cannot thank our agency team enough for their efforts to get nutritious produce to those in need.