Mobile Programs

The Mobile Pantry Program expands Gleaners’ capacity to distribute food by removing barriers that prevent access to underserved areas. Designed as a food pantry on wheels, the Mobile Pantry works to fulfill the needs of families and individuals that fall outside the reach of other agencies in the area. A truckload of food is distributed to clients through a farmer’s market-style distribution where clients choose to take what they need. A typical Mobile Pantry distribution provides enough food for 150 to 300 households. Download the Program Overview

For information on the Mobile Pantry schedule, or to sponsor a Mobile Pantry in your local community, please contact Diana Foster, Mobile Pantry Coordinator, at (317) 925-0191, ext. 147.

Our distributions are coordinated through partner agencies who provide volunteers to help serve during the allotted time. Our mobile pantries do not make home deliveries.