Youth Programs

1 in 6 Hoosier children does not have enough to eat to be healthy…which means that these students come to school on Monday morning too hungry to learn. It’s a big problem, and it calls for a big response.

BackSacks: Weekend Food For Kids

Schools do a good job of providing meals to at-risk children. But what about the weekend? That’s where Gleaners’ BackSacks: Weekend Food for Kids Program comes in. Each BackSack includes shelf-stable food that does not need refrigeration, and has 7 food items + 1 bonus item.

BackSacks meets approximately 50% of a child’s weekend needs for calories, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and vitamin A. The BackSacks menu aligns with pediatric nutrition recommendations to limit saturated fat to <10% of calories and sodium to <1900-2200 mg per day. Download the Program Overview

School-Based Pantries

School-Based Pantries offer a unique opportunity for Gleaners to directly reach children and families in need with fresh, healthy food at convenient and safe locations. Often run by a school counselor, social worker, or teachers and operated in a way that makes the students feel comfortable, school-based pantries succeed at preserving student’s dignity by offering them choices. Download the Program Overview

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Summer Meals for Kids

Many families in need rely on the breakfast and lunch they receive during the school year. However, when school is out for the summer, families lose this critical resource. Our Summer Meals for Kids Program utilizes multiple distribution channels to provide free, nutritious meals to families in need. There is no registration or documentation required. Download the Program Overview

For more information about our youth programs, please contact Gleaners, at (317) 925-0191.


Since Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana leverages all possible resources to serve hungry Hoosiers, some of the food we receive is provided by the USDA. USDA Disclaimer