Red Nose Day Fund and Feeding America Help Sponsor BackSack Children

Red Nose Day Fund and Feeding America Help Sponsor BackSack Children image
Thanks to a generous grant of $10,000 provided by the Red Nose Day Fund and Feeding America, children on the BackSacks program will be provided with weekend food during the school year. The students sponsored by this grant attend four different schools in Jennings and Marion County. The grant will provide critical sustaining support for children at each of the four schools.

We took a moment to speak to staff members at each of the four schools about how the BackSacks program has impacted their school and their students. Here is what they had to say.

North Vernon Elementary 

This year students that are on reduced price meals may no longer receive meals when they have a negative balance. As a result, we have seen an increase in the amount of students complaining about hunger throughout the week. The BackSacks program has helped us to fill these gaps on the weekends. We took a closer look at those students that were on reduced lunch vs. free lunch and found that in some cases they were more in need because they had less access to help.  It is such a relief for some of the newly participating students that are able to enjoy having food on the weekends.

Harrison Hill

As a school employee I am continually amazed at what students can accomplish. At Harrison Hill, we have a surprising number of homeless families and students. Each kid has their own story but no matter their home life each one gets up and comes to school as often as they can. I feel so grateful to be able to provide the BackSacks to these students and to see how excited they are to receive something that most of us find as basic as food.

Stephen Collins Foster Elementary

We recently had 3 house fires in a week. Once our teachers reached out to families and our social worker discussed resources, they all called to sign up for the BackSacks program. The kids were so thrilled to be a part of Nutrition Club! The families wanted to be able to return the favor and had their students write some great thank you cards! While each family gets back on their feet it is nice to help the smallest of those affected.

Tindley Renaissance

We have a third grader who has been on the BackSacks program for a couple years. She recently made a new friend and learned that the girl had nothing to eat at home. She had her come to me and request to join the food club. She said, "This will help you." Even though asking for food in a new place can be embarrassing I think the girl instead made a friend in me and her classmate.