New Laptop Will Help Improve Reporting

Running Reports

Thank you HP

Sarah uses her laptop to pull all of the pounds and runs reports for Gleaners Programs & Agency Relations metrics. The system refreshes each time she runs a report in order to get the most recent data available.

It previously took up to 40 minutes to refresh a report, depending on what kind of report Sarah needed. If someone else was trying to run a report at the same time, she sometimes had to refresh her screen again because it said, “Report failed”. While refreshing reports in the past, Sarah could not touch her mouse or do any other computer work.

Now, this new laptop will allow Sarah to efficiently complete reporting responsibilities, avoiding any issues with refreshing. We rely on accurate data for grant proposals to fund programs throughout our service area. Data also allows us to see who we are reaching and identify gaps in services. As a result, this donated laptop will have a great impact on those we serve, including 328,270 Hoosiers, 109,270 of which are children. In addition, it will have an impact on the 230 local agency partners and multiple community organizations who help us meet the needs of county residents in our 21 county service area.

Thank you HP for providing this laptop to help Sarah in her role here at Gleaners!