Second Grade Students Making A Difference for CARE Mobile Pantries

Second Grade Students Making A Difference for CARE Mobile Pantries image
"Late Friday afternoon, I received a call from a teacher at Thomas Gregg Neighborhood School. Their 2nd grade class had raised money at a bake sale and the teacher said it would mean a lot to the children if someone from Gleaners could come to the school Monday morning, pick up the check and tell them a little bit about Gleaners.

The children had raised $258.60 and had voted to give their money to feed hungry kids. They told me they made cookies and cupcakes and that they were very good. They wanted me to take a picture with them so they could put it in their newsletter and send it to the newspaper. They were amazed that their gift would feed 775 people and told me that was enough to feed everyone in their school plus a few more!

As I was leaving, a little girl came over to me and asked if I thought their money would buy food for the Gleaners truck her mommy goes to in the summer. I figured out that her mom goes to the Save-A-Lot where the CARE Mobile visits each Wednesday evening during the summer. I hugged her and told her I would take their money back to Gleaners and make sure it was used to buy food for the Gleaners truck where her mom goes and that when she went, she would know that she helped to buy the food on that truck! She was beaming as she ran back to her teacher.

Somehow, I made it to the car before bursting into tears."

- Sarah Estell, Senior Director of Communication and Digital Strategy