Story of Hope from Wine Women & Shoes

Story of Hope from Wine Women & Shoes image
The 550 attendees of our 6th annual Wine Women & Shoes event in May had an opportunity to hear from Sydney Dressler, the site coordinator at the Barney Kroger School-Based Pantry at Daniel Webster Elementary School. Sydney shared a story about a family they were able to help thanks to the pantry.

“When I think of our food pantry, I can’t help but become overwhelmed with emotion. The Daniel Webster food pantry is in a part of Indianapolis considered to be a food desert. This leaves family dinners to be made from food bought at the Village Pantry gas station and the local Dollar General. You won’t find much to help a growing child at either of those places.

I’ve had a particular memory etched into my mind that I will never forget: I was driving into work and saw black billowing smoke coming from ahead. Soon, a mother and her 1st grade son came walking into our office with no shoes, pajamas on, and in a state of shock. Fire had spread from a car parked up against their apartment. The son woke the mother yelling that they needed to get out of the house. They had no time to grab anything. All of their belongings…destroyed.

Having the pantry here at school was a game-changer for this situation. We were able to feed the family breakfast and lunch straight from our pantry as they waited for the Red Cross to show up. We were also able to send them on their way with arms full of groceries and personal items, including a small stuffed animal for the child, to take to their hotel that would sustain them in the days to come.

Without this Gleaners food pantry at our school, we would have only been able to provide limited help to this family, if anything at all. Because of all of you and your generous donations we were able to help this one family, and so many more.”