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  I want to help feed hungry kids this summer.

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School is out. More than 100,000 children are hungry right here in central and southeastern Indiana. We need your help.

As we enter the summer season - often the most critical season for hungry children and families - we find ourselves needing to ask for your help. School is out, and children who rely on breakfast and lunch in the school cafeteria are left wondering when their first meal will come during the day. Parents struggle to provide two additional meals for their family. Most families we serve have at least one parent working outside the home, so childcare costs may be adding to a family budget that is already inadequate. We have stepped up to help meet the needs of these children and their families through two programs:

Summer Meals for Kids provides a meal bag of food designed to feed the family. Four menus include non-perishable items such as rice, spaghetti, cereal, and canned fruits & vegetables. Starting this week, we will be distributing at total of 6,290 bags to children in nine counties: Fayette, Franklin, Hancock, Hamilton, Jefferson, Jennings, Ripley, Scott and Union. With the jump in the number of children who need this program, we have a funding gap of $40,000Your gift of $65 provides 5 meal bags; $130 provides 10 meal bags.

The second program that directly impacts children is our CARE Mobile Pantry program. In partnership with the IMPD and other public safety organizations, we will run 6 mobile pantries each week in Indianapolis, targeted to areas of the city where poverty is at the highest rate. These mobile pantries bring not just food, but also hope to families in these communities. New this year is a variety of fresh, healthy produce. Recent distributions have included carrots, cantaloupe and watermelon. You can see the little guy in the stroller above clutching his cantaloupe that his family received last Monday afternoon. Each CARE Mobile Pantry distribution costs $3,000. There are 71 distributions scheduled between now and August 26. While we have received some funding, there is still a gap and the lines are increasing.

Your help is urgently needed. If you have already given in 2017, please consider another gift. If you have not yet given, now is the time. Our 4 star rating from Charity Navigators shows that 95% of your gift goes straight to those in need.

Please don’t wait. Help us feed hungry families living in and around central and southeast Indiana.