Thanksgiving Spaghetti

On any given day at the Cynthia H. Hubert Community Cupboard, families come asking not for a hand out, but for a hand up. Recently, a young boy was overheard asking his mother if they could get more spaghetti. “It’s his favorite,” she said. The boy, Kameron, said he loves spaghetti and wanted to have it for Thanksgiving dinner.

For those children like 7 year old Kameron who just want a little more to eat during the holidays, you can make a difference. Many of us will gather for dinner with our families. We’ll go back for seconds…or even thirds. We’ll enjoy dessert and all our favorite foods.

For families like Kameron’s, holidays are just another hungry day. Food is no more plentiful on Kameron’s table now than it is at any other time of year. Visitors mean more mouths to feed for Kameron’s mother whose food budget is already stretched.

Every dollar given to Gleaners goes to purchase and distribute food including fresh, healthy fruits and vegetables to Hoosier families in need. Just $1 can provide 3 meals or $9 retail worth of food.

Having enough to eat is one simple wish you can grant Kameron and families like his this holiday season. Please give today by visiting gleaners.org/donate.