The Gift of Produce

As part of National Diabetes Month, we recognize the important role access to fresh produce plays in managing diabetes and maintaining a healthy diet.

We spoke with Bryant at a CARE Mobile Pantry distribution on his favorite part of coming to the mobile. Since he is diabetic, he is always very excited for the fresh produce that we have, especially the watermelon. That’s his favorite. He said he appreciates Gleaners because “they really help us out”.

Produce is truly making a difference in the lives of those Gleaners serves. Greater access to fresh fruits and vegetables will help food-insecure Hoosiers by providing them with more nutrient-rich foods that can improve health outcomes.

One woman stopped our driver, Eric, to tell him that the food she receives at our CARE mobile pantries is such a blessing. She said that as a grandmother, she often needs to have enough food to feed her grandchildren and the food from CARE helps her meet that need in her home. She often offers any leftover produce she receives to her neighbors because she understands how important it is to help others in her community.

Another woman who visits the Crooked Creek Pantry said, "I'm awful glad for the healthy nutritional items and vegetable items because I'm diabetic. I can come visit the pantry after my appointments at the clinic; it's a blessing."

Thank you to our friends at the Indianapolis Foundation, an affiliate of CICF, for providing the gift of food to our neighbors in Marion County through sweet potatoes and watermelon. Their support provided nearly 250,000 meals through produce for distribution at mobile pantries and regular food pantries in Marion County.