The Most Meaningful Gift

Storytelling is a compelling part of life at Gleaners. We share many client stories with you in these pages and via email and social media.

Sarah Estell, our Senior Director of Communication and Digital Fundraising, was on her way home at the end of the day on Giving Tuesday. After stopping for gas, a woman approached and asked if she was the “Gleaners lady’ who she saw on TV from time to time. Sarah said yes and the woman said she heard that $1 could provide 3 meals.

She asked Sarah to wait and proceeded to go through her purse and car, finding $1.17. She said that earlier in the year, her husband had lost his job and they accessed food pantries when they needed a little assistance. Now, her husband is back at work and things are going better for the family. She asked Sarah to take this $1.17 back to Gleaners and “feed 3 hungry people”. Sarah says that of the more than $60,000 raised on Giving Tuesday, the $1.17 was the gift she will remember.