Volunteer Appreciation Week Spotlight: Dayton

Dayton has been volunteering with Gleaners since January 2017. To date, he has nearly 500 hours of service. He is our top-earning volunteer this fiscal year so far. Dayton volunteers in our Kroger Reclamations area weekly and helps scan donations, unload trucks, and even helps train new volunteers in the Kroger area.

We caught up with Dayton and asked him a few questions about why he volunteers.

How did you get involved?

Dayton says that he participated in IUPUI's alternative spring break. After participating in his second spring break and learning more about food insecurity, he became passionate and more connected to the cause. He realized that he was leaving over his break to assist with a major issue that is prevalent right here in Indianapolis and the state of Indiana.

What is your favorite part of volunteering?

Dayton noted that he enjoys getting a break from his everyday schedule while in school.

What does Gleaners mean to you? 

Gleaners means a lot to Dayton and we are sad to see him leave, when he graduates this spring. He mentioned that Gleaners is not only getting food to people who need it, but we are making an effort to save food and reduce food waste - a major issue we have in America today. He mentioned that he enjoys how Gleaners educates and talks about nutrition involved with food. Overall volunteer efforts and programs allow opportunities to get the community more involved.

Dayton hopes that his story inspires others to get involved and volunteer with Gleaners.