What Motivates Me?

11 year old Olivia wanted to host a bake sale to raise money for Gleaners to help people in her community of Decatur County who are helped by the "Gleaners truck". Hear her story below on what motivated her to raise $100.

What motivates me to do the thing I do?

When I went to Super Start, Kelly told us what Gleaner's Food Bank is and it really touched my heart. Gleaner's Food Bank is a truck that comes every month at 6:00 and people from Greensburg come and wait for hours for the truck. But Kelly and Danny let them in to have some coffee and cookies. Then the truck comes and they get breakfast, lunch, and dinner to go. So I raised the money just for them.

For every $1 received, Gleaners can provide up to $9 in groceries to hungry Hoosier families. Fresh, healthy produce, protein rich meats and dairy, as well as shelf-stable items allow families to make and eat meals together. Olivia's $100 donation will be able to provide $900 worth of nourishing food for Hoosiers. Won't you follow Olivia and support Gleaners?

To give today visit: gleaners.org/donate