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Hunger in Indiana

Food insecurity means a lack of access, at times, to enough food for an active, healthy life.  Food insecure household aren't necessarily food insecure all the time.  It may reflect the need for families to make trade-offs for important needs such as transportation or medical bills in order to purchase nutritious food or vice versa. (Map the Meal Gap, Feeding America)

Numbers for Indiana

  • 16.3% of Hoosiers are food insecure (A total of 1,063,990)
  • One-third of those are children (355,780 children are food insecure)

Number for Gleaners' Service Area

Gleaners serves 21 counties in central and southeast Indiana.

  • 15.2% of Hoosiers in these counties are food insecure (A total of 319,450)
  • One-third of those are children (103,800 children are food insecure)

And, the numbers don't vary too far from food insecurity rates for the nation.
Some call it an epidemic, others call it an outrage.

We call it a time to act.


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