Learn how your community is fighting hunger and how you can help by exploring linked one pagers for each county listed below.

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Gleaners 21 County Service Area

Click here to view the 21 County Overview, or find your county and click on the link below for more information.

  1. Click here for Bartholomew County
  2. Click here for Boone County
  3. Click here for Decatur County
  4. Click here for Fayette County
  5. Click here for Franklin County
  6. Click here for Hamilton County
  7. Click here for Hancock County
  8. Click here for Hendricks County
  9. Click here for Jackson County
  10. Click here for Jefferson County
  11. Click here for Jennings County
  12. Click here for Johnson County
  13. Click here for Marion County
  14. Click here for Morgan County
  15. Click here for Putnam County
  16. Click here for Ripley County
  17. Click here for Rush County
  18. Click here for Scott County
  19. Click here for Shelby County
  20. Click here for Union County
  21. Click here for Wayne County

How can you have an impact?

It takes a team to fight hunger. That team includes donors (food and financial), volunteers, staff, the food bank, and a variety of agency partners. Your support of the entire network is needed.

There are many ways to have an impact on your community. We encourage you to consider some of the ways you can help, including hosting a fund and food drive, volunteering, or offering critical financial support.

And then help us spread the word that people in our communities need help! If you belong to a church, service organization or club that may be interested in hearing about the local impact of hunger and how you can make a difference, please let us know. We love to share our stories and get others involved in our efforts.