An Opportunity for Change

An Opportunity for Change image
*Photo from Feeding America, not from story.

"When we moved school districts, I took a big pay cut, but I did it to help my son have a better opportunity."

At a recent distribution at Gleaners Community Cupboard, Dawn Wolf, Director of Hunger Relief Partnerships, spoke to a woman in the pantry.

She shared that she had moved out of the city so she could get her son away from some of the violence occurring in their neighborhood. Her son was struggling at school and she thought getting him out of the environment would help.

He thrived at his new school and started playing football. His grades went up and he got a scholarship to play college ball. She gave up a lot, including a better paying job to move him into a better situation.

He’s now in college and she’s managing with a lower paying job, but is so appreciative of the food pantry and that she can come on a Saturday when she’s off work. Her son was able to thrive in his new school environment thanks to your support.