Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us image
“A man came in toward the end of the shift. I remembered him from previous visits because he is always friendly, funny and nice. He is raising his grandsons. This morning he told me he never comes more than once a month, but he was here yesterday. I said that I remembered. He told me that when he got home yesterday, he and his grandsons went to check in on an elderly lady, a neighbor, whom they check on regularly. Her house was cold, she was cold, and she had nothing in the house to eat except for a jar of peanut butter. One of the man’s grandsons said, ‘Grandpa, we have to give her our food.’ So, they gave her what they had received from the pantry. They also went out and bought the woman a coat. While he was sharing this story with me, we made sure he got food after giving all of his away. I told him he and his grandsons are angels.” – Tom, Hancock County Food Pantry