Marcus image
We recently caught up with Marcus, a new to Gleaners staff as a delivery driver. Here is what he had to say:

"I've been driving for different places around the country since about 2004. I'd say about 85-90% of what I've done is in food distribution. Lately I've worked a couple of routes driving here at Gleaners. In the past I've seen shipping/receiving, even worked with hospitals for securing food.

A few short weeks ago I worked in the drive-thru chute area helping with the distribution. I handed out onions and it was more than I expected. In the warehouse I don't get to see the people we serve often; this was my first time being this close to the operations.

It is amazing to see how the whole operation has grown since your old place on 16th Street. It is really touching and this operation is much bigger than I could have imagined. It's amazing to see this operation and that you're a part of it. Thank you for letting me work with you.

When I deliver I can see who I am really helping all across the state. It's not only touching, but also eye opening."